Monday, December 21

Tucson, AZ for the day

We are in Tucson for the whole day today to pick up some supplies, especially things that will be difficult to find in Mexico, like good peanut butter. Also just doing a few last errands, calling our cell phone companies, making sure our documents for crossing the border are in order, and getting to a wireless cafe!

I have written several blog posts of our adventures of the last few days. Look for those with lots of pictures later on today!

Tucson, and the desert campground we found just north of the city, must have come close to freezing last night and I was glad to have my warm sleeping bag and one set of long underwear- two items that I had been lamenting just a day prior when it seemed we would have only hot hot hot for the rest of the trip. The packing seems to be just right so far. Bussy is full but we are functional inside and don't have to move things too often to find something else.

Robert and Carrie are wondering why it got so COLD overnight! But they are hunkered down in the blanket and hopeful, if a bit skeptical, of my promises if warm sun, sand, and surf!

The highlight of Tucson was seeing this:

A fellow VW with Washington plates!

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