Wednesday, January 6

Chacala and the first few days in Sayulita

Hola from warm, humid, sunny Mexico!

The last few days have seen lots of great times.  We are in Sayulita, a wonderful little town which was my first introduction to Mexico nearly a year ago.  I fell in love with it and it is now my third time here within 12 months.  I can surf right here and we are staying in an oceanfront campground right in town.  The dogs are enjoying walks on the beach in the morning, followed by a graceful and lazy breakfast:

Here is a picture taken from the north end of the beach in the evening light, looking back towards town:

Joe is a bit warm, but he enjoys the walks in the morning before it is too hot.  Carrie and Robert love it all day long.  Here is a picture of Robert sleeping one morning with the light just entering the van:

I am pleased to report that I have been able to plant my two feet on my Robert August board!  The wax is nice and grippy, the board is forgiving and terrific.  Now all I need to do is catch the right wave at the right time and I think my chances are good for staying on my feet for more than a few moments!

Before we came to Sayulita we stopped for the night in a very small town just north of here called Chacala.  We got there just before dark and parked beneath coconut palms, being careful to place the van where it would not get beamed my a falling coconut in the night!
Here is a picture taken the next morning of our spot:

I enjoyed a calm walk around town and saw some really beautiful homes and the local little church.  Here are pictures of the beautiful little church:
From the outside, front:

And inside:

A lizard on the outside of the stained glass window!

The creche left over from Christmas:

I continued walking, saw some pretty homes:

This piece of property has a breathtaking view, but I couldn't see past the lovely gate!

Here are some pics from just walking around town:

The people were all really friendly and nice.  I saw these baby chicks with their mama near the church:

 And here is a colorful path I took...:

...back to the beach:

Check out the bird caught mid flight by my iPhone!! Wow. 
Lovely little town if you are ever just looking to hang.