Thursday, February 15

Bicycling Adventures

I have bicycled in the snow, the rain, the sun, the clouds.
I have bicycled across huge, highway intersections *not* necessarily meant for bikes
I have had the front wheel stolen, the air let out of both tires, the valves ripped out (these latter two events coincided. The bike lives in the apartment now, so it can avoid the wrath of vandals. Which means I have carried it up the stairs to my apartment numerous times.
I have spent over 100 Euros fixing or improving the 110 Euro bike.
I have ridden the bike at 4 in the morning, (truly the best time!) with my self-generated headlamp and tail-lamps slowing me down only a bit, and I have been atop my bike nearly every other hour you can think of.
I have biked through congested inter-city streets (very exciting, fingers on brakes for a moment's notice to stop abruptly)
I have locked the bike to street signs, fences, rails, other bikes, and even an occasional bikerack!
I have not yet biked in a skirt, but I'm sure that will happen soon.
I have biked with groceries, a new HP Printer, important papers in my hands, though *not* all at once.
I have definitely not biked in a bike helmet, nor have I seen one of these now forgotten pieces of equipment so popular and mandatory in America.

AND, I have even biked while holding the leashes of two particular well-traveled doggies running along side! Joe thought this was grand, Carrie was convinced that this two-wheeled contraption was some sort of medieval torture device designed especially for short-legged Dachshunds.