Saturday, February 4

Long time, no blog

Well it has been a very long time since I have blogged. Above all else, what I truly feel now is . . . disconnected from my own life.  I have been moving around (literally . . . I moved from my home of 12 years in Seattle to the Big Island of Hawaii in November), doing things (surfing, SCUBA-diving, swimming, snorkeling, hiking with the dogs . . . sounds great doesn't it?),  and trying to just manage most of the time.  And yet, I feel very disconnected from all of this.  And so, I write.

A lot has happened since the big India adventure in 2010.  Rather than rehash all the ups and downs of life in the interim, I will simply start with today:

I saw the Grateful Dead, in concert, and danced about 15 feet away from the stage here in Hawaii beneath clear blue skies.  Yes, in 2012.

Ok, so it wasn't exactly the Grateful Dead.  But it was as close as I'm going to come!  The official name of the group is The David Nelson Band, but, come on, the guy is famous because he played with Jerry Garcia.

I danced.  I watched people.  I thought about who I wanted to be.  I imagined what it might feel like to have some of the things I think I want.  I looked at my partner Karl, really looked at him.  I was connected.  I was present.  I participated in my own life and I knew it while it was happening. Consciousness. 

Then, the moment ended, the band went on break, we came home, fed the dogs, showered, made dinner and watched the end of Rambo 3.  And just like that, I was disconnected.

But in that period of time, when I was present and available to myself and to others, I decided to blog because nothing helps me remain connected so much as putting pen to paper, or, in this case, fingers to keyboard.  So, lovely readers if there are any of you remaining, you may look forward to further discussion of this issue of trying to remain present and connected for our own lives.  I hope you'll share your thoughts and experiences as I share mine.

Cheers for now :-)