Tuesday, October 27

Update, end of October.

I am seriously considering an earlier departure date. December 8 is the last day of my Spanish class and December 14 is an important date for which I intended to remain in Seattle. However, the Spanish class could be skipped without much loss; after all, I hope to bring some good Spanish CD's and take some immersion courses along the path of travels. And the other date could be celebrated anywhere in the world, it doesn't have to be Seattle. The way everyone is so connected via the internet and telephones, I would be able to reach people here while also making new friends on the road.

Today it was sunny in Seattle but, looking at the forecast, it will be the only day all week with sun and one of only two days without rain. I'm ready to buy my surfboard and begin the journey!

Got a tetanus booster today, as well as the ever-popular whooping cough vaccine. (ack!) Have a couple other health precautions lined up in the next few weeks.

The dogs are ready for sun and sand and waves.

If you have already decided to do something, and you are looking forward with incredible hopeful anticipation to it, why wait? Indeed. Why wait. New departure date: November 20 (I picked that at total random!)

It can't get here soon enough.