Friday, January 26

A bit of ranting.

In the past 24 hours I have been yelled at for biking in the street, for running on the bike path, and for taking the dogs into a "kinder" park (for kids, I guess, even though it isn't posted as such, AND I was in the midst of picking up after Joe, which none of the natives seem to do for their dogs). I tell you, I miss the lax quality of the US, with our tolerance for jaywalking and the generosity of grace periods, where a smile, a wave, and an apology get you awfully far. These people here with their RULES! For a people so progressive politically and with the well-known reputation for pot-smoking, I did not expect such rigidity in daily life.

I will do my best to stay within the lines, but I will be none to happy about it.

Wednesday, January 24

Apartment details

In response to the inquiry about the painting in the apartment, here it is by itself:
And the artist:
It's a real painting, not a print, and I think its fine, though it isn't anything to write home about exactly!

The things hanging near the backdoor are some sort of old-fashioned pulleys. Here are some close-ups:

And here is the pleasant view out the back door; the weather has cleared substantially, though it is very cold now, frosty in the morning. I was trying to capture the moon, but without a tripod it is but a shiny blur:

Monday, January 22

Bilthoven and a few law school pics

My front door

The courtyard as seen from tops of stairs

The view of the Planetenbaan apartments ("Kaas" means cheese, the first of the shops beneath the apts)

Planetenbaan from further away

Some views from the neighborhood, a lot of dorm-looking buildings. University Utrecht has a campus here in Bilthoven so a lot of students live here.

The square where the law school is located, in central Utrecht. I stood in one place and took pictures in several different directions for these; it is a very small square. (I will take pictures of more specific law school buildings once school starts.)

That's all for a while; now I actually have some work to do in the next 10 days -- finishing my analytic! (For you non-law-schoolers out there, a really big paper.)