Wednesday, November 11

Adventure planning

When does the adventure begin? December 15, 2009. Hefty to do list in the meantime!

Dogs vaccinations, done.
Abigail Vaccinations, done.
Abigail meds for malaria and typhoid including antibiotics for any reason, done. Just needs to be filled.
Need health certificate for dogs, with USDA endorsement. Need heartworm, tick and flea, and parasite meds.
Van insurance, figured out. Need to do paperwork. Central America insurance might be better to do from Mexico when timeline more certain.
Dogs' permit into Mexico, still a puzzle.
Dogs' permit into Belize, in the process. Need to know date and location of entry into Belize, may just have to wait on that and obtain permit while in Mexico.
Guatemala, no issues there.
Work on van, scheduled. Still need to buy the parts, will do that tomorrow.

Questions remaining:
(1) Should I bring a new computer that actually works or bring old computer that barely runs, must use cord, but won't care if stolen??

Lots of things to acquire or study:
Driving atlas for Mexico and Central America
First Aid, thorough
Home remedies for dogs
AA International Booklet

Interim projects:
(1) Work on Spanish. Look for immersion program Mexico. Buy CD's for van.
(2) Begin Kung Fu.
(3) Find home for Suzanna, housesitter. Maybe one and the same??
(4) Have vegan dinner party with close friends.
(5) Begin amends.