Sunday, October 13

Our daily walk to the beach, A Picture Blog!

"Hurry up with your shoes!" -Carrie
From this view near the entrance gate, our house is on the left, the palapa straight ahead, the pool beyond.
We carry the little guys out of our gate.
And walk a short distance along this busy road, just to the corner.
From here, it is a calm, unpopulated stroll to the beach!
About 5 minutes and we'll be there!
Except we keep stopping for pictures today!
A lot of pretty flowers dot our path!

"Mom got ahead again!!" -Carrie
We pass this field, people use this to walk instead of the busy road

Happy girl!!
We turn and walk a short distance towards the ocean
The only eyesore: a river meets the ocean here and trash collects
We are able to hop on rocks to avoid it
And then the water!
Dar es Salaam is such a crazy, busy, dusty, developing-world city.  It is shocking to discover a true tropical paradise merely yards away!

Jackie LOVES the beach!
Finally, a greyhound who swims!
And tries to shake off a bit too early....
Cooled off, now to romp!!
I think Africa suits him.
Carrie too.
Abigail running with the girls.
Robert is the only one who doesn't get to go off leash. 
We do "encourage" him to swim though...
They were running so fast, most of my pictures are out of focus, even with the high speed camera!
Back at home now, under the palapa.  Getting ready to de-sand...

Um, yeah, you're going to have to get clean AGAIN.
This one is NOT in love with the water!
He will take any salvation!
Shade!  And dirt!
Karl playing!  It was a great day!

Monday, September 23

Pictures from Africa!

I know you all want pictures!  So here you go.  These are just an assortment from our first couple of weeks here.  I have not yet had the chance to really go out with my camera to document this crazy place.

Here I am on my first day of work and the sign for our little office:
This is what the guys were doing in our first house while I was at work.  No one liked it very much.  We now have a really cool house where they can run around and play outside.  Karl can work outside under the palapa.  And we all get in our pool multiple times a day!  I'll take some nice pictures of the new house sometime...
Our first trip to the beach: Jackie is delighted by the ocean!  We can walk here from our new house in about 5 minutes, down a quiet side street:
 Carrie running on the beach = All is okay with the world!
We discovered some really lovely places to shop and eat.  Here is Karl enjoying a coke at our beachside table at The Slipway:
 Coke and Coffee and the sea!
We had them make us a delightful vegan pizza and vegetable coconut curry:
Complete with spices!

A friend joined us for lunch!
He was very small.
Karl informed him: "We don't need car insurance!
Last weekend we took Jackie to the vet (she's fine, we wanted to meet the best vet in town.  His name is Dr. Joe and he is from South Africa.)  Jackie rode home in a tuk-tuk!!
 Karl acted like a support strap from behind to keep her in:
 She was pretty cool about it!
And here I am completing my first Olympic Distance triathlon, and the first triathlon held in Tanzania!  We swam in the Indian Ocean, biked around the Msasani Peninsula, and ran south towards The Slipway from the Dar Yacht Club.  I finished in 3 hours 35 minutes, pretty respectable on a borrowed bike and not having worked out for probably 3 weeks beforehand!  Plus, it was wicked hot for the run!  And because it was their first triathlon, the water stations were occasionally out of water.  All good though!