Friday, December 25

Bahia Kino and wonderings

     The problem with finding a perfectly magical spot right off the bat is that you expect everything thereafter to be magical and perfect and easy too.  Bahia Kino may be like that for us on this trip.  We pulled in, backed up to the beach, got out, and were peaceful and happy.  Just like that.  I walked the dogs and they were so happy.  Robert in particular kept turning his head on that first walk to look back with a look that said, "Really?  After all that driving, a week in the car, you really brought me here?!  This is so awesome!"  It was like he couldn't believe I was so creative. 

     After pulling in on the night we crossed the border, we spent the following entire day in Bahia Kino just resting.  Nicholas wandered into the town area while I alternately sat or laid on the beach with the dogs and a book.  The weather was great, I could do with even more heat but it is good for Joe to be able to acclimate slowly.  Being black, he gets hotter more quickly than the rest of us.  Robert loved the sun as much as I did and he stayed with me on the beach all day, even after Joe and Carrie retired to the van for their afternoon nap in the shade.

     There wasn't much going on in Bahia Kino though, so we didn't stay for another day of relaxation in the sun.  I think I may look at these pictures and wonder why not:


Kid Dammit said...

I am super stoked to read that you guys are having such an awesome adventure!!! Keep the stories and picture coming!


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Thanks for blogging this adventure.