Friday, August 6

The Beautiful People of the VSPCA

When good things are happening for animals, you can bet that compassionate and hard-working people are behind it.  The people who work at the VSPCA are committed to making all the animals at the shelter happy and comfortable.  Not only that but they have fun while they are doing it! 

For many of these folks, working at the shelter is a terrific opportunity to have a job.  For the women in particular, the VSPCA offers perhaps their first employment outside the home.  

The happy, smiling faces of these beautiful greeted me every day.  Before I left India I persuaded almost everyone to let me take his or her picture.  I think these photos capture the essense of love and joy that emanates from each of these beautiful people.  

I will be updating this post with the names as Sarada and Raj send them to me.  I have included as many names as I can.

Pradeep, the founder of VSPCA has saved thousands of animals
Sarada, the shelter manager for the small animals pictured here with her favorite "Blackie"
Raj, the shelter manager for the large animals
Malika, Pradeep's wife, whose home is overflowing with the animals she has saved
Raju works in the office and definitely enjoys life!
Virender also works in the office and has way too much fun!
All over the shelter are beautiful quotations painted on the walls.  I love this one:
Chenna, who did not want his picture taken.  He helped me give lots of dog baths!

One of the veterinarians, gently giving vitamins to a guinea pig

The best cat-catcher at the shelter!

Back to work: