Friday, December 18

California, Go Westy, and the first beach!

The highlights so far today are waking up after the sun and the joys of a nice hot shower!  We are at the Go Westy shop in Los Osos, CA, where the awesome van technicians nearly completed the work on Bussy last night.  In the end though, they needed to do a bit more work this morning on the alignment.  So they pulled Bussy out of the bay and parked her in the Go Westy lot for the night so that we could sleep in our own home.  The break room here is really nice, with a kitchen, coffee maker, microwave, bathroom, and shower!

The folks here at Go Westy are as wonderful as you might imagine: their days are full of happy van customers and they get to do great work on fun vehicles all day long!  Here are some pictures of Go Westy:


Yesterday saw our first beach!  We walked for a few miles just north of The Rock at Morro Bay.  The surf was pretty big but too messy for the surfers so we saw only one wetsuit-clad guy getting tossed around in the whitewash.  Joe had a blast running on the sand, and we were all glad after a coupld of long days in the van to get out, stretch our legs, and get some SUN!

Here are some highlights of the beach:

Update: 10am this morning: Bussy is all fixed!  Time to roll out!  We are headed to San Diego to visit Dan's friend Geoff and pick up our free, borrowed surfboard!  We are also looking to buy a used 9' longboard so that we have two.  More updates to follow soon!  Thanks for reading.


Lee said...

When did Robert and Suzzana join your family? Enjoy the warm weather because we are in the low 20's in MA. Happy Hoilidays!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks nice in CA. We are about to "enjoy" our first major winter storm today. Yeah. Steve