Tuesday, January 16

What’s in a name?

Well, if you are Carrie the fearless Dachshund/Chihuahua, quite a bit actually.… Carrie is carried onto the airplane in her Sherpa bag...then she is carried into the café in the hotel, again in the Sherpa bag, so that I can enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee on the first morning in Germany (Joe, always well-behaved, just stands next to me and looks adorable)…then Carrie gets carried onto a bus, then a train, then the Frankfurt underground (while Joe surfs throughout) until the coast is clear and she is let loose to strut the streets. Then again she is bagged while a beer and some pasta are enjoyed at a touristy restaurant. Always a bit of a challenge on the end of a leash, I have managed to conquer her by relegating her to a parcel whenever maneuvering through life is challenging. Nonetheless, after clamoring out of the bag when the zipper is unzipped, she suffers no embarrassment and regains her attitude immediately to take over any situation.

ok, we staged this photo since I haven't been taking any of her when she's really in the bag. but you get the idea!

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