Saturday, January 20

The Hague and the North Sea

This was bound to happen: I was almost finished with a fabulous post when the internet crashed and lost it. I am too foiled to recreate such a masterpiece so what follows is the more terse version, apologies!

Today's adventures: not raining first thing so I went for a run and picked up the "new" bike. It'll do, but it weighs approx 200 lbs!

Drove to The Hague:

Saw this sign, parked car and got out:

Not sure exactly what happens here, but pretty sure it's important: Will find out soon when I make contact with the former King County Prosecutor who works for the UN at the ICTY.

When leaving, noticed that the North Sea was just right there, about 8km away: Cold, windy, lots of hotels, but very clean, nice sand that slopes gently into the water. Carrie is learning how to operate the camera so there will be pics of me soon too!

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