Saturday, January 20

The Apartment

Joe and Carrie are settling in well to the new digs (and the weird, white, faux-leather, giant wrap-around couch!):

Here is the living room, with the fresh peach-colored roses on the coffee table:

and the TV to the right (I am joining the local DVD-rental place tomorrow):

Then turning around, the kitchen with counter & barstools (the stove is gas but I have to light it myself, no pilot ligher, but there's a handy lighter so I don't risk any fingers in the process!):

And here is the super-scary, narrow, steep spiral staircase that I already slid down once (the walls were very unforgiving):

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The apt. looks like a nice place. What are the black things hanging from the ceiling (near the windows) in the top picture?
Also, what is the artwork in the barstool area? The red and whtie pic to the right of the barstools...