Tuesday, June 5


We left Bled, made a tour of Ljubljana, and drove through beautiful rolling, tree-filled mountains down to the coast to Piran and Portoroz. Slovenia's population is only 2 million people and it is clear from its lovely countryside.

The campground was right on the water. I enjoyed a great 6-mile run along the coast (practically to Croatia, Slovenia's coastline is not very long), and suffered through a rather awful dinner at a "Mexican" restaurant, since it was Cinco de Mayo and all. One could make a fortune opening authentic Mexican places in Europe. The waiters had no idea that it was even a holiday in Mexico! But the explanation in the menu of what fajitas are was quite entertaining!

Here is the view from the campground:
Looking back towards Portoroz:The weather was hot, and we basked in the sun reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde before taking a trip to Piran which I had heard a lot about. It is a small town right on the water, similar to Cinque Terra in Italy where the houses creep up the cliffside. Only residents are allowed to drive in so we parked and walked into the town. They offer scuba diving right in the Adriatic, a worthwhile return trip adventure! Joe, Carrie and I felt very special indeed to wander through this magical place with alleys, steep steps leading up to a castle, a church, and paths along the cliff edge.

Aside from a near-miss on a narrow street where a bus carrying tourists nearly encountered a stubborn and immovable Joe, causing me to shriek, which probably saved his life, and draw the attention of a nearby police officer, we had a very pleasant day.

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