Tuesday, February 6

Could you ever imagine a law school so lovely and romantic?

On Monday, I joined the incoming law school contingent for our specific orientation. The European study system is significantly different from home: I am taking two courses, for a full 15 credits, but I'm only in class two days a week, Wednesday and Friday, and only for about 6 hours total. I have heard that the assigned reading is quite long, because the workload is supposed to be 30 hours per week (per class? not sure yet). Not sure how this will work out in reality but I like the idea of many long weekends.

To enjoy my newly discovered time schedule, I have decided to lease, for a short-term, a little Renault from Paris. It is some funny deal arranged by the Renault company, and supported by the French government, where US citizens spending time in Europe may lease a brand-new Renault for $22 a day and without ANY of the traditional insurance fees from rental companies. The car company benefits because they can sell the cars as slightly-used, and therefore avoid some French government new-car fees, and the French people get to buy essentially-new cars at slightly-discounted cost.

I hope to have the car in a couple of weeks and the first destination shall be nearby Belgium!

Now, I am finishing my analytic this week and you shall all hear from me (and Joe and Carrie) again soon. I hope all is well for everyone Stateside!!

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