Tuesday, February 6


No, not me...Carrie!! You MUST enlarge this photo for the full effect!

I had intended to merely snap a couple shots of the local "dog park," seen here:And a train going by:
But flying Dachshunds and pink European cars are simply too enticing!


Anonymous said...

abigail, this computer is speaking to be in french and i don't know why..so hopefully i am posting this comment correctly! just want to let you know how much i enjoyed the shot of carrie and joe in flight. it is now my office screen saver. LOVIN the blog too my dear! -ljk

Anonymous said...

I enlarged the Supergirl foto...super cute and wow, those gopher hills are bigger than Carrie!!!

Jenny said...

Wow, Carrie is certainly testing the laws of aerodynamics in that pic. She looks like a torpedo coming right at me! HAH!
I am so happy that you are enjoying your time over there. Keep the stories coming and be safe. Love, JenEds