Thursday, March 25

Departure Belize City, Arrival Caye Caulker!

We left Belize City by boat to Caye Caulker:
Here is what we all looked like on board:
Joe was having a tough time surfing on the bottom of the boat so Jeff made him into a lap dog:
The view on the way in:
Arrival into Caye Caulker.  We arrived after dark, here's what it looks like in daylight:
The Caribbean is such a beautiful shade of blue:
The first night's camping spot.  The view from my tent in the predawn light:
The doggies were SO tired after the boat ride the night before, this is what they did most of the day:
Robert tried really hard to stay awake because he never wants to miss any action, but he's looking rather bedraggled!:
And finally he relinquished himself to the nap:

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