Tuesday, December 15

Day 1

This morning saw light rain in Seattle and our farewell to Suzanna and her new wonderful friend Amanda. Joe, Carrie, Robert and I paused at Wayward to get some hugs from Josh and then hit the I-5. Probably the most dangerous part of the trip occurred as I hungrily ate a yummy Hillside Quickies sandwich while driving south on the freeway in what was now pouring rain.

It took almost four hours to get to Ocean Park to pick up Nicholas. On the way Use Your Illusion II brought me to a good place for adventure and Joshua Tree uplifted me entirely. Once Nicholas was on board, I learned from my googlemapping travel partner that our destination at Go Westy was only about 14 hours away! I had misremembered the distance to San Francisco and thought we had 26 hours of driving to accomplish in 2 days!

Our first break came at a Fred Meyer south of Portland where I took the guys fr a very rainy walk in a very dreary parking lt. We drove a few more hours and are camping at a semi-nice rest area south of Eugene.

Joe is exhausted. Carrie is at a loss for more luxurious surroundings. Robert smells funny despite yesterday's bath with our house favorite oatmeal-tea tree shampoo!

Tomorrow we shall see the beach in Los Osos, CA!

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