Thursday, June 10

It's a Dog's Life at the VSPCA

The VSPCA shelter is very special in terms of the landscape and spaces for all the resident animals.  The staff work very hard to keep all the areas clean.  The dogs who are lucky enough to call the shelter home have free run of the acreage.  There are fences and gates to add some order to the land, but the dogs come and go freely anytime a gate is opened.  The only times they are in kennels is for feeding or when they are preparing or recovering from surgery.

The shelter is online at and there are many more pictures there.  The animals who live full-time at the shelter are all available for "Sponsorship" for $20 per month and this is an important part of fundraising for the VSPCA, which is supported entirely through donations and grants. If you would like any more information about any of the dogs pictured below, please let me know!  Please also visit to make a tax-deductible general contribution!

Here are some pictures I took of the happy resident dogs at the VSPCA:

This happy dog has a very good story.  Her name is Muthi.  She was found on a train track, her jaw was broken and mangled.  With successful surgery at the VSPCA, she has a metal pin in her jaw and has made a full recovery:
Sotta has the most beautiful eyes!:
Naveen is a very happy and playful boy, like a puppy:
This beautiful girl is Rani, she has amazing coloring and loves to play.  In fact, she tries to get my full attention my gently nipping at my pant-legs:
I think Yanna is the perfect demonstration of the sentiment above her:
This poor fellow was dumped at the shelter by some people who bought him from a "breeder" and who expected him to be a "Dalmatian."  When it was clear that he was not a Dalmatian, they didn't want him anymore.  He is looking for a home and is a perfect candidate for adoption.  He is very sweet and adorable so it is no surprise that his name is Sweety!:
This smart dog is escaping the afternoon heat in a tub of cool water!!:
Brownie is watching us unload my suitcase full of goodies that I brought to the shelter from the US.  My friends donated lots of items (more about all the stuff in a later blog!):
This is Teena, she enjoys this cool, quiet, shady spot near the duck sanctuary:
Leelli is an older dog and is blind, but he has a wonderful life at the shelter with all the caring staff who are careful not to startle him:
"Little" is not sure if she wants to try the chewy:
Tichy wasted no time getting into his chewy!:
I spent the whole day at the shelter on Wednesday and, among other tasks, gave dog baths to many of the resident dogs:
They were mostly very agreeable to the bathing and waited patiently for me to read the directions!:
It was a team effort as we bathed a second dog while the first one was sitting already shampooed.  That's Jessie on the right hanging out with us after her bath:
This little cutie was especially fun and sticking his tongue out!:
The dogs were very happy once it was all over and they ran and played, and dried off almost immediately in the Indian heat!

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