Sunday, March 7

My handstand dream

I have a particular dream sometimes, and I always wake up happy.  And not only happy; I wake up with the most satisfying feeling of peace and contentment I have ever felt.  In my dream, I watch my hands as they approach the earth, usually grass, but sometimes firm sand, and occasionally a wood floor, glossy and bright, just like a yoga studio.  The light is a muted brightness, and the edges of my view are fuzzy, such that only my hands are truly in focus.  As I observe my hands, I gently kick my legs up into the air above them.  I balance.  My legs and feet sway slightly, but I balance.  In my dream, it is effortless.  I am aware, in my dream-consciousness, that this is the first time I have been able to balance in a handstand without the necessity of a wall.  I am pleased, and satisfied, as my body seems to float, straight into the air, strong and free. 

In the dream, I never come down from the handstand, I hold it until my dreams take me somewhere else.  But it always feels like this is the dream immediately prior to waking.  I wake rested, and still so pleased.  It doesn't take long for me to realize that it was only a dream, but instead of being sad that I can only do this handstand in my dream, I recognize that I want the dream.

And so I practice.  One of these days, this will come true for me.  And when it does, I will continue to practice, every day.


Unknown said...

I have the exact same dream. You describe it with such precision my jaw literally dropped. I tried googling the definition of this dream and it lead me to your page here. Do you have any idea what the dream may translate to?

LisaRoberts said...

I have this dream also ? But I can
Only do handstands in water not on ground I wish I could do them though it would be so peaceful

LisaRoberts said...

I have this dream also but I can only hold a handstand in water (that's in real life) but would love to complete a proper one on the ground without water. It would be so peaceful