Friday, January 26

A bit of ranting.

In the past 24 hours I have been yelled at for biking in the street, for running on the bike path, and for taking the dogs into a "kinder" park (for kids, I guess, even though it isn't posted as such, AND I was in the midst of picking up after Joe, which none of the natives seem to do for their dogs). I tell you, I miss the lax quality of the US, with our tolerance for jaywalking and the generosity of grace periods, where a smile, a wave, and an apology get you awfully far. These people here with their RULES! For a people so progressive politically and with the well-known reputation for pot-smoking, I did not expect such rigidity in daily life.

I will do my best to stay within the lines, but I will be none to happy about it.


Anonymous said...

Abigail, I got a ticket for j-walking in Seattle back in the mid to late 70s. Maybe they are less strict now. But then, I was used to my New England ways and just didn't understand why all these people were huddled on the curb, with no traffic. A motorcycle cop came up parallel to me as I walked on the sidewalk and gave me a lecture and a ticket. I was supposed to go for some pedestrian re-education, but I left town first.

I, too, am surprised they are so authoritarian there, but there are worse places. I started to j-walk in Lucerne once and a whole crowd of people started yelling at me.

I am very sympathetic to this rant. Hope the school part is more relaxed.

Anonymous said...

There are only two things in this world that I hate:
1) People who are intolerant of other cultures, and
2)The Dutch

-Dr. Evil, Goldmember