Monday, January 22

Bilthoven and a few law school pics

My front door

The courtyard as seen from tops of stairs

The view of the Planetenbaan apartments ("Kaas" means cheese, the first of the shops beneath the apts)

Planetenbaan from further away

Some views from the neighborhood, a lot of dorm-looking buildings. University Utrecht has a campus here in Bilthoven so a lot of students live here.

The square where the law school is located, in central Utrecht. I stood in one place and took pictures in several different directions for these; it is a very small square. (I will take pictures of more specific law school buildings once school starts.)

That's all for a while; now I actually have some work to do in the next 10 days -- finishing my analytic! (For you non-law-schoolers out there, a really big paper.)

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