Wednesday, January 24

Apartment details

In response to the inquiry about the painting in the apartment, here it is by itself:
And the artist:
It's a real painting, not a print, and I think its fine, though it isn't anything to write home about exactly!

The things hanging near the backdoor are some sort of old-fashioned pulleys. Here are some close-ups:

And here is the pleasant view out the back door; the weather has cleared substantially, though it is very cold now, frosty in the morning. I was trying to capture the moon, but without a tripod it is but a shiny blur:


Anonymous said...

Thought they were pulleys, but it didn't really seem like a place for them, but maybe the owners of the place are into S&M or something...
I noticed in the dog park that Joe goes off-leash. I thought he'd just run away and never come back. Does he now roam off-leash (except for in the park where hunting dogs are not allowed?)

Lee said...

Nice apartment