Wednesday, January 15

Thousands of African Safari Pictures.

No, I'm not posting them all at once.  But one problem with 16GB camera bits is that one can take literally THOUSANDS of pictures in one week.  And its been almost two months with no blog post!
Happy photographer --> UNHAPPY blogger.

So here we go, fifteen photos at a time, and they don't have to be the best, or most interesting, or glamorous, or crazy, or memorable ones.

Our favorite park of our Northern adventures in Tanzania with Jeff visiting from Boston was unanimously Tarangire.  Maybe it was just the first sightings EVER of elephants, zebras, and giraffes that weren't behind bars, but I don't think so:

I tracked these guys over the hill.  They marched up the dry river bed.

This fellow was scratching his arm and shoulder on the tree!

The first thing they tell you is: NEVER get out of the car!  If only!

We saw so many elephants.  They are awesome.

They are sort of awkward when they run!

Jeff played the following game: how many species can we get in one photo?  I think he got up to 6!

Right?  Love this guy.

I never get tired of these fellows and their little flickering tails.  They are always so HAPPY!

Zebras are old news pretty quickly in Africa.  They are like cows in Texas...

Yeah, we camped here.

And here.

Here's Karl very proud of the tent, which is about to catch wind and blow totally away!

So pretty!

Giraffes, unlike their striped compatriots, never get old.  We stop and watch them drink water like its the launch of the first space shuttle!

We paid this guy with the rifle to take us on a walking safari.  It sounds cooler than it actually was.  
More to follow, people!  Africa is pretty amazing.

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