Friday, June 4

Mumbai Saturday

Day One India!

Here is just a short update as I explore this new city and a new country for me:

Even though I was really tired last night, it took me a while to settle in to sleep.  Finally around 1:30am here in Mumbai I was able to sleep.  But I awoke at 6:30am and the idea of coffee was too powerful to even think of trying to sleep more.  I think I will manage to transfer myself to this new time zone almost immediately.  It was bizarre when I realized that I had woken up at 6pm Seattle time and was ready to go and start my day!

The hotel is very nice and has a view of the ocean.  It includes breakfast so I had a good one of hearty, spicy Indian food!  Also fruit and coffee.  I am able to make tea in my room so I am enjoying a cup now.

I took a short walk on the beach after breakfast ... it is indeed hot! Humid and sticky.  Of course I am exceedingly comfortable.  I am headed into the touristy central area of Mumbai shortly.  I waited for my luggage for seemingly almost an hour.  But I had no trouble whatever getting through immigration and customs.

All is going as well as I could have hoped for!

India is crazy.  I'll post some pictures later.

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