Tuesday, February 9

Travels through Colima, Michoacan, Oaxaca and Chiapas

I have been extremely delinquent in posting anything about my adventures of late!  On January 19, Bussy, et al, departed Sayulita for points East, namely Belize, where we were to meet my two wonderful friends, Jeff and Steve, who were flying in from Boston.  More about Belize adventures later!!
For now, here is an assortment of pictures from the trip across the vast and beautiful Mexican coast and countryside.
This one was a lovely camping spot in San Juan de Lima, where we spent a couple of days enjoying our own three-kilometer beach stretching out in either direction. 
Random picture of Robert looking more angelic than he deserves!
Carrie looking happy in the van!
We were very entertained by these funny taxis: front and back!
 After driving along the Mexican 200 for EVER, we turned north in a port town called Arriaga.  From there we headed up into the mountains in Chiapas, toward San Cristobal and the ruins of Palanque.  San Cristobal is a lovely old Spanish colonial city.  Here are some pictures taken from the largest church at the top of the hill in the city.
  Fanta Strawberry is officially the greatest beverage on earth
 Baby goats are just about the cutest creatures ever!!
 Ummm, this water bottle looks like a nice pillow?!
 Another Mini sighting!  This was in Tustla Gutierrez, before our ascent toward San Cristobal but the plate is from the D.F., Mexico City.  During this day, we saw three more Minis!  Chiapas is billed as the poorest state in Mexico but the Mini count seems to contradict that premise.
 From the sea level city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, we began a long ascent up to an elevation of 6000 feet in San Cristobal.  The view was amazing.
Have you heard about driving in Mexico?  Wow, this "two-lane" road was frequently four cars abreast!
City Center, San Cristobal
 Fog!!  This glorious site was coming down the northeast side of San Cristobal.  As much as I love Mexico and the sunshine, it was a nice respite and comfort to have a foggy day.

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