Saturday, October 3

Central America planning!

We are really going to do this! I need a new name for the blog: Joe (still the greyhound), Carrie (still the fabulous Chihuahua-Dachshund), Robert (the blond, 4-legged, 12 pound, thinks-he's-a-porn-star dog), and Abigail (the lawyer whose career exists somewhere in someone's imagination) are off to Central America in Bussy!! And we even have company!! Nicolas, the equally odd adventurer will accompany us (assuming he comes back from Kenya!) as we explore the waves and ruins and foods of Mexico, Belize, and others en route to Panama.

Bussy Go 2009!

So many things to work out!
The van needs bigger wheels and more ground clearance
the window repair will happen soon
a better mattress
a roof rack for the surfboard
the surfboard!!
the dogs need their traveling papers
a tattoo on my forearm to remind myself how I became this way and how to not go back

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