Monday, April 30

More Austria, and some Germany

The first campsite, in Germany.Driving South and East towards the Rhein

Bacharach, on the Rhein, where we stopped for a snack and found a great, dry bottle of Riesling...Drew you would have loved it! Bussy in the distance!
Joe enjoyed the Camembert...

Joe, cooling his toes in the Bodensee on the borders of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, world traveler and jet-setter extraordinaire!!

This is a farm where we camped just above the Rhein in Germany. I was looking for a campground that appeared on the map but it turned out to be gone and the people who owned this property let us camp in their fields! Totally surrounded by National park, awesome! This guy and others were our neighbors:

The view that nightThis is at the Fernpass campground, Austria. The lake we walked around the next morning

This is Bodele, our first foray up into the Alps. Just East of the Bodensee.
Yeah, I can't remember where this is :( I think its by the Bodensee?


monkey's uncle e said...

Hi! I drove over Fernpass! Very scenic. Probably the best pass for me was Oberjoch pass on Rt. 199, West of Reutte, Austria. I went across the border from Germany into Austria, and immediately went over a bridge which was next to a big waterfall, which marked the actual border. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

haha, you are absolutely correct I would have loved that bottle of Riesling. Look at those vineyards!!! Incredible valley there and I envy you for being there. Your van is ridiculously blue - zoolander smiles knowing his cousin in Germany is having a great trip.