Monday, March 26

some more swimming and more photos...

I just swam 3000 meters in under an hour, a personal best! Especially considering it is pool swimming, no wet suit, no pushing off from the side, very little kicking, and certain, ahem, traffic in the water. One woman got right in my imaginary lane and did the backstroke until we collided. So certain was I of my right-of-way I actually asked her to "please watch out." Then, in my final thousand, a guy teaching about a dozen little kids to swim decided he would teach them using the shallow end-- the whole thing. So they went back and forth, and I went up and down until finally it became so congested that I stood up, took off my goggles and asked "where should I go?" He said, "wherever you like!" Aahh, therein lies the problem in this Bilthoven pool! One lady even went diagonally for a while, corner to corner, I kid you not.

As I was about to collide with one little boy, I stopped and he stopped, and the look of terror in his little goggled eyes was enough to make even non-kid-friendly-me chuckle about the ridiculous scenario.

Here are some more recent pictures from Abigail's Dutch Adventures:

For Erik:
For Lolly:
Tall Tulips:
Short Tulips:
A direct quote: "Hey Mom take my picture while I pretend to be dead!"
Pushing up tulips? (Or hyacinths, as the case may be):
Soooo graceful (better stick to water sports!):
And one little girl who says "You had best not leave me at home again while you go gallivanting off to tulip gardens!"


monkey's uncle e said...

What is it about that horse/pitcher thing that makes it specifically for me?

Abigail said...

It's a Swedish horse! Albeit not in traditional orange, but nonetheless I thought it was obvious! There were a lot of Swedish things at the garden because they are celebrating the founder, Linnaeus, a reknowned Swedish botanist known as the "king of flowers"